KBN is a New York/London based Architectural and Engineering practice dedicated to thoughtful design solutions that seek our client’s expectations, while striking a balance with project constraints.

We are committed to a dynamic and proactive process finetuned to each client, qualifying us to explore the opportunities, limitations and prospects of design options to deliver unique projects.


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  • London

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  • 8th Avenue
  • West Avenue Road
  • New York
  • London
  • NY 10030
  • E17 9SE

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The practice works collaboratively with a variety of clients in both the private and public sectors. The approach to the discipline is devoted to a coordinated process for a delivery of multiple scopes that accommodate a varying degree of complexity and budgetary constraints.

The of the team creates room for establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients and industry peers. While the practice ethos is devoted to a constant development of spatial components and their buildability, the focus remains the dedication on exploring construction outcomes.

The process that every design undertakes confronts with a multifaceted experience where the complementarity of the team strives to translate it into a seamless informative journey.


Art and Culture:

Tampere, Finland
Hills of the Art
Turin, Italy
Valmorea Pavillon
Valmorea, Italy
Concentrico 07 Pavillon
Viña Lanciano at Bodegas, Spain
Flamingo Visitor Center
Abu Dhabi, AE

Health and Education:

Middle School Josef von Aufschnaiter
Bolzano, Italy

Hospitality and Leisure:

Sleeping Pods on a Cliff
Vale de Moses, Portugal
Chateau de Monte Chandeniers, France
Monte d’Oiro Wine Tasting Room
Monte d’Oiro, Portugal

Civic and Community:

Centro Paese Varna  
Preston, UK
Varna, Italy


302 Lewis Avenue
Brooklyn, US
677 Jefferson Avenue
Brooklyn, US 
5912 Cleveland Avenue
Riverdale Park, US
6 Fairway
Guildford, UK 
18 Hampton Oval
New Rochelle, US
27 Broomhill Road
London, UK 
398 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, US
377 Rector Place
Manhattan, US 
531 Main Street
1369 Adams Street NE
Manhattan, US
Washington DC, US


117 Adams Street
Brooklyn, US
270 Green Street
Brooklyn, US 

Mixed Use / Multi-Family:

50-14 Vernon Boulevard
Queens, US
1985 Jerome Avenue
Bronx, US 
562 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, US
508 Brook Avenue
Bronx, US 


166-36 Jamaica Avenue
Queens, US


BKK House
Bangkok, Thailand
The Garden House
Chandigarh, India
An Embedded Dwelling
Burgel, Germany
Quebec, Canada
Memento Memoriae
Civita Castellana, Italy